Start of the War

The War of The Void Hammer started in 626 AD after Gleyden Silverhead of the Kingdom of Kermor pressured AuchrickIntas Kingdom and the Iroshi Union into attacking the Kingdom of Thomddur in 623 AD.

The now so called United Forces, travelled to Kingdom of Thomddur with only 5,000 men from the south through Baal with no intent on conflict, but a plea for help.

Despite the rite of passage through their land, the Balaer Empire attached the United Forces as soon as they landed on the shores of Baal in 626 AD.

Thomddurs involvement

After receiving report of the situation, Kingdom of Thomddur decided to join the war on the side of the United Forces their his 55,000 soldiers, while Kingdom of Kermor decided not to act.

Battle of Haylen

In 630 AD, the United Forces decided to regroup and make battle in the fields just outside the city of Haylen.

However they were outmanoeuvred and outnumbered almost 2:1, but it ended up not mattering at all in the end as the Balaer priests unleashed the Void Hammer, destroying part of the continent, themselves and all of the forces involved in the battle.


Unexpectedly, a couple of days later, looking like an act of mercy, the Balaer Empire called for a truce, to which both sides agreed with the conditions of closed off borders and monetary toll for the nations of the United Forces.