The Tapestry of Gods contains the whole universe and is housed in the hall of the Overgod Oor.

The Overgod weaved all of the worlds in the Tapestry. Thus, Gliea is not the only world out there, but one of many.

Travelling Between Worlds

Travel between world is very possible indeed. In ancient times, even before the Age of Silence and the rise of elves, travel between worlds was a lore more frequent.

To do so, one must perform an ancient ritual, which among other ingredients requires the caster or casters to be very skilled in magic.

World Shadow


Travelling involves many parameters, and with it also some consequences.

World Shadow is the name given to the destruction left behind because of the powerful magic used to travel between worlds.

Factors that affect the size of the World Shadow are:

  • Size of the world of origin
  • Spell focus location

The beam angle is roughly 30° and the Spell Focus location can be between 50% and 100% of the full distance between worlds (100% the best).

The difficulty of casting is higher the further away the worlds are.