0. The Descent of the Creed of The Seven gods to Gliea

3. Creed of The Seven is founded

13. Progenium is founded as a religion

25. Intas Kingdom of the elves was discovered by the other races

297. Binary believers united and it started officially treated as a religion

394. Kermor Silverhead found the Kingdom of Kermor

400. Kingdom of Kermor send scouts across the sea in hopes of finding new land

444. Kermors expedition led by Dwal Faland discovered two new continents, Baal and Thalore

449. Kingdom of Kermor starts expanding to the uninhabited continent of Thalore

469. Human empire of Auchrick was founded by emperor Evon Ash Elmore

499. Aldir stops a minor conflict, Binary pronounces him a new god and changes it name to Trinary

521. Halfling colonies unite into the Iroshi Union

546. After a falling out with Gleyden Silverhead, Dwal Faland left the servise of the Kingdom of Kermor and founded The Insula Federation of Free Isles

560. Hakklin Strongjaw, Kermor regent on Thalore, split and created the Kingdom of Thomddur

623. Gleyden Silverhead of the Kingdom of Kermor amassed an army and pressured Auchrick, Intas Kingdom and the Iroshi Union into attacking the Kingdom of Thomddur

625. United Forces (name for Auchrick, Intas Kingdom and the Iroshi Union) travel to Baal in order to approach Kingdom of Thomddur from the east.

626. Even after giving the rite of passage Balaer Empire attack the United Forces.

627. Kingdom of Thomddur joins the war on the side of the United Forces

630. Most of the United Forces armies meet at the city of Haylen when the Balaer priests unleash the Void Hammer, creating The Dead Zone

631. Truce between Balaer Empire and the United Forces begins and Auchrick, Intas Kingdom and the Iroshi Union unite into the Inira Republic