Creed of The Seven was founded as a result of The Descent.

The structure of the religion and it's beliefs isn't unified as it's consist of seven gods, each with it own holy book and beliefs.

God Main Temple Worshippers Gift
Batu ? Orcs, Half Orcs | Slaves ?
Cassar Evenstar (Inira) Humans, Half Orcs | Converts Gift of Freedom to the Orcs - Transforming them into Half Orcs
Dielel Lightvale (Inira) Elves, Humans | Soldiers Gift of Ages - Prolonged life of the races
Elel Gor Iyl Shareas (Inira) Elves, Tieflings | Hunters Gift of Nature - New flora and fauna
Sage Iyl Shareas (Inira) Elves, Humans | Writers, Scholars Gift of Knowledge - Scripture of Sage
The Obscured God Massilla (Inira) Halflings, Gnomes, Humans Gift of Adventure - Mysterious dungeons across the world
Zelah A'anlion (Yucan) Aarakocra, Dragonborn, Dwarves | Parents, Caretakers Gift of Life to the Aarakocra - Gave birth to the Aarakocra race